My Encounter with Cold Calling

I am someone who is looking forward to be an Entrepreneur and the area which I am interested in is Marketing. Though I have people asking me, if you like marketing then what is it about you being an Entrepreneur, you can always take up a job in marketing. Ya, that’s a good option but it’s just that I like to be my own boss and make sure that lot of the decisions which the company makes abide by my moral values ; which I find is lacking in the corporate world(there are a few exceptions though). So, I quit my decent job in the corporate world where I was running along with everyone else like a flock of sheep(Pointless & Aimless) where there is very less chance of me making a difference anywhere(neither in my company nor the world) and eventually (after starting my own company) here I am taking up a marketing/sales job in a small IT company which lets me learn more about marketing and Entrepreneurship.


The first thing which I encountered during my new job was “Cold Calling”. Though I have Cold Called for a small duration in my career, I have never made a sale over the phone(which I feel is not possible in today’s savvy world) and I got to know how difficult it is to even speak to a prospective client when cold calling especially to big companies outside my country. Though I am doing a lot of talking everyday over the phone it is not to any person, so now if you are a sales professional I am sure you’ll be able to know what I am talking about. Yes, its none other than my only companion “THE VOICE MAIL BOX”. Though, I get to speak to a very few people who I call, all I get is a big “NO”. An NO after spending so much time collecting details about the concerned prospect & their company and practicing the pitch over and over again(though my pitch is currently bad) thinking that I will speak to my prospect(though the conversion rate of speaking to the prospect is as low as 3%) and after all this I get an NO.

I am not trying to sell a sub-standard service not am I trying to cheat anyone. Though I have all the right intentions, I am not able to connect to the person who picks up my call and in just 20 seconds says “BYE” to me.  Hmmm, I guess, I am doing it all wrong. What should a genuine sales person with all good intentions looking to actually help a customer overcome his problems do?

Well, at this point of time I just don’t know and boy, it doesn’t look easy but I am trying to do just that. And somewhere down my heart says I will find my way 🙂

If you are interesting in Marketing & Sales but haven’t (or have) tried your hand at it, do suggest me on what you think will work. I will try it out 🙂


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