Entrepreneurship – A way of life

Inner peace
Inner peace

Entrepreneurship, is something I see as a lifestyle rather than an occupation. I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I don’t know from where I was stung with this idea but somehow I knew that entrepreneurship is what I will be settling down for life. I guess it is because that I always had this problem with authority, I just can’t follow orders from someone asking me to do dumb things ( I adore mentoring but not authority). This is what was happening with me during my tenure at an Engineering company for a span of two years.

I was an average engineering student from a middle class family without any aspirations in life. I went to school & then college because everyone I knew did it and engineering for a middle class family was like a prestigious life saving profession (a ridiculous stereotype which resulted in more than 500 Engineering colleges with despicable standards from the place where I come from). I had no realisation on what I wanted to become or what I am doing at school and college everyday but I was a capable student who studied just because my parents were spending their hard earned money on my education. One day, I finished college which also landed me a job in an engineering company (I ridiculed IT corporates, but later repented on seeing the “crowd & lifestyle” IT companies offer). It took me only few months to know that what I was doing is not what I wanted to do the rest of my life. Then one day it just happened that I quit my job and planned to be self-employed(Though the statement is simply put, the process of me quitting was a long one indeed). Luckily, I had a set of close friends who were Entrepreneurs themselves so I had the opportunity of started a venture jointly with one of them.

Though, it has been only a very short run so far in the boots of an entrepreneur, I am starting to enjoy the like of it. It is very early to say how good an entrepreneur I become but I am happy that I choose my own path and did what I feel is right for myself, rather than to find excuses in living the life of many others. That’s when I realised that one’s passion alone can change his life as he wants it and for me it has been through a way of life called entrepreneurship.

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